Heineken continues the trend of beer industry consolidation, buying up FEMSA

Jan 13, 2010   //   by Jonathan   //   Blog, Industry  //  2 Comments


Dutch brewer Heineken recently announced that it was purchasing Mexican brewer FEMSA, which is valued at $7.6 billion (pinky on corner of mouth). This is significant news in the beer industry because it furthers the trend of beer consolidation, concentrating power in hands of the the largest brewers worldwide. You may not have heard of FEMSA, but you’ve probably heard of some of their brands, such as Dos Equis (XX) and Sol.

The deal also gives Heineken a strong foothold in Central America, which they were seeking because of slower growth opportunities in Europe. After the deal, they are now the #2 beer company in Mexico, behind Grupo Modelo (the Corona dudes).

Heineken has also announced plans to invade Canada and cut off all supply lines to the U.S. Which makes our job as craft beer brewers especially important. I made that part about Canada up. But still.

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  • http://lavoyboysbrewing.blogspot.com Kevin

    Grupo Modelo also produces Negra Modelo, which is a tasty Vienna Lager, so don’t hate.

  • http://www.mondaynightbrewing.com Jonathan

    You’ll feel differently when Heineken and Grupo Modelo join forces to annex Texas. But seriously, I’m not hating.