Something shiny this way comes

Sep 27, 2012   //   by Jonathan   //   Blog, Building a pilot brewery, MNB: legitimate business  //  8 Comments

We’ve ordered our new brew system, a 4-vessel 30 BBL baby. Joel and Adam took a trip up to DME in Canada to see how construction is coming along. Who is Adam? He’s our new head brewer. More on him later. For now, all you need to know is that Adam is really good at putting his hands on his knees and “inspecting” lauter tuns. See the picture above for proof.

We’ve got a couple shiny 30 BBL tanks already done, and ready to ship. SO BEAUTIFUL. We’re stoked!

  • Señor Brew™

    I hadn’t realized you guys were contract brewing until the last couple of posts.

    Good luck on doing it yourself.

  • Robert

    I’m guessing these aren’t going to fit in the driveway or garage quite as well as the BrewMagic setup did. ;)

    When’s the new place planned to be open?

  • Jonathan

    Robert, we aren’t falling into THAT trap. Let’s just say we are moving as quickly as we can and the powers that be will let is.

  • HolzBrew

    Out of curiousity, what’s Adam’s brewing background?

    Looks great!

  • Jonathan

    HolzBrew, more on Adam coming soon, but suffice to say that he’s very experienced in craft brewing.

  • Ricky

    Having a Head Brewer, obvious next step is a Head Taster. The answer is literally right in front of you Jeff.

  • walt

    30 BBL?!! You guys were running on a brew-Magic it seems like a year ago.

  • Jeff Henager

    Covert Hops is looking forward to seeing your new brewery this Tuesday, February 19th. Will MNB be willing to sponsor our 20th annual Peach State Brew Off this year with a couple of glasses and/or tshirts? That would be awesome. Thanks, Jeff