Bryan Adams and his brief fall from grace

Jan 22, 2013   //   by Jonathan   //   Blog, Bryan Adams, Revelry  //  5 Comments

Bryan Adams played Atlanta on Sunday. Bryan Adams did not visit the brewery on Sunday. We asked him to. And he responded, in his own way. Read the string of tweets below.


In summary, BRYAN ADAMS, PATRON SAINT OF MONDAY NIGHT BREWING, DOES NOT DRINK BEER. We have a lot of thinking (and crying) to do. I’m sure this will be a longer conversation, but for now, we need some space. This is a lot to process.

“Everything I Do, I Do It For You…”

  • Russell Sauve (@RussellSauve)

    This cuts like a knife.

  • Señor Brew

    Maybe you should try Ryan Adams:

    He’s got an album titled, “Whiskeytown”, maybe he likes beer too?

  • Jeff Bullis (@hoyabull)

    Ryan Adams drinketh no more. Perpetual wagon (at least for now). Amy Adams perhaps? She’s hot.

  • R Kimball

    Perhaps Bryan needs to Exit Stage Left and make way for another canadian rock act… Rush anyone?

  • B-Ri

    I bet he would drink it if it was the “Summer of 69″??