Our tasting room didn’t start out looking cool and hip. It look a lot of work. We started with a shell of a room, and it took 4 months start to finish. Check out all 4 months of construction in less than 2 minutes, courtesy of OxBlue, leading up to our grand opening. OxBlue, our fine neighbors up the street, specialize in construction cameras and wireless outdoor cameras. Also beer cameras. WOOHOO!

I wish this security footage had sound…

On Sunday, a deer crashed through a plate glass window at Taco Mac Windward, ran around a little bit (probably looking for Monday Night beers on a Sunday), and exited through a door.

In the process of busting the glass, the buck lost on antler. =(

But, antlers grow back. =D

Why would a deer bust into a Taco Mac? According to the AJC:

These days, male deer “have a higher testosterone level, which increases their aggression,” said Don McGowan, senior wildlife biologist in the Social Circle office of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Sound like anyone else you know?

Thanks to Beer Street Journal for the video