32 kegs of beer in the van, 32 kegs of beer…


32-kegs.jpgIf anyone was wondering what 32 free kegs looked like, here’s a pic. Yep. That’s right. Monday Night Brewery is now the proud father of 32 wee ones, compliments of Joel’s uncle. Joel picked up these bad boys Friday in Birmingham (the Big Salty Ham, as we say in the business).

We used the first of these kegs last night to do the secondary fermentation for our casserole ale. While we are going to try to do some secondary fermentation in these bad boys, the main purpose will be to power our man-sized kegerators. We are so badass.

2 thoughts on “32 kegs of beer in the van, 32 kegs of beer…

  1. I like how you referred to the kegs not once, but twice, as the “bad boys”…

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