We’ve got 5 beers on tap and need some help! Joel is out of town today, so we won’t be actually brewing, but we WILL be opening up Jeff’s garage from 8-10pm, so come on by and remember what it’s like to drink a Monday Night Brewery beer. Sorry about the limited hours ? baby Teddy is still, well, a small baby. So what do we have on tap?

  • Eye Patch Ale
  • Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale
  • Bourbon barrel stout (oh girl!)
  • Peach Belgian dubbel (This beer has definite promise and is one we’re working on ? but it’s a little heavy on the peach. Some people will probably love it, others will just not say anything to our faces about it. Still, try it. Honest feedback, you sissies.)
  • Something resembling the Highland Gaelic Ale

Hope to see some of ya’ll tonight!

2 thoughts on “8-10pm

  1. You guys have fun and leave me some for next week! I, of course, feel like someone put out an entire pack of cigarettes on the back of my throat…and don’t want all of you (esp lil Teddy) to catch it.

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