4 thoughts on “A Beer Mustache

  1. While i love the stats, where did they come from? I’ve always heard random numbers for these (especially the calories part) and i’d love to have facts to point people to…

  2. Thanks Andy. Actual data is from USDA but there is no way to easily get to it without digging through PDFs…so I’m expecting that PETA is telling the truth.

  3. o I?m expecting that PETA is telling the truth.

    Yeah, because a web site like “milksucks.com” can’t be biased!

    As for the numbers, I think most of it is correct, EXCEPT the calories. That may be true for a light American Lager, in fact I think it’s probably pretty close to accurate for something like Miller LIte.

    But let’s face it, we’re homebrewers. Miller Lite is like water with a little bit of beer flavoring added in; something we drink when mowing the lawn in 95 degree heat. You start getting into non-light beers, and even a typical MGD or Bud is probably 140-150 calories.

    And your 6.5% IPA, or your 9.8% Imperial Stout, or your 12% Belgian Quad? We’re talking 200+ calories in a 12 ounce serving, probably over 300 for the stout & quad.

    But it’s correct that beer is fat-free and cholesterol-free.

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