A Brew-Less Monday


Kitchen Mess

As I am the culprit for the cancellation of brewing tonight I believe it necessary that I defend my reasons. Yes, people are rioting on the streets of Atlanta due to the cancellation of brewing. In fact, I just found out that one brave gent flew in to Atlanta specifically to brew with us on monday (unfortunately no one told me that before I tore up my kitchen). Anyhow, the reason for the cancellation is a good one. We are upgrading our brewing facilities (otherwise known as my kitchen). Yes, MNB and 80 years of cooking has taken a toll on my 1920s kitchen and it was in dire need of an upgrade. My weekend was spent ripping up counter tops and appliances, rebuilding some cabinets, and installing the new sink (very cool farmhouse style sink from ikea). The picture to the left will give you a clue as to it’s current condition. Our goal is to be back in business by next monday…keep your fingers crossed as jonathan will be very pissed if we’re not able to brew next monday.

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  1. The look on her face says it all. She needs a home brew (although that may be illegal).

    Sorry, a little rusty on my HTML.

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