A Family Affair


madonna-washing-bottles.JPGRemember the gusher bug we’ve been dealing with in our beers for the last 2 months? Throwing out all our plastic buckets made a dent in the issue, but recently, we had another batch of IPA catch the deadly yeast strain, which turn our beer into overcarbonated alcohol water. However, we did have good luck with beer going straight to the keg, as well as bottles that had been sterilized in the dishwasher in addition to sanitization. Since we have been reusing bottles that contained infected beer, we were definitely idiots not to do this earlier, but on Saturday afternoon I brought 4 cases of bottles to my place and put my mother-in-law to work running bottles through the dishwasher. She doesn’t even like beer, but she still knows a good cause when she sees one.

2 thoughts on “A Family Affair

  1. Awesome. I visited my parents this weekend and totally put my Mom to work too. And my Dad. He helped etch measurements into the side of our stainless steel brewpot.

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