A Goodbye Bash


On Friday we said goodbye to our dear friend and fellow brewer Troy Bash (Yes, that’s his last name…AMAZING). No, he didn’t die but after his 8 month stint in Atlanta (as some sort of “project manager”) he is now being shipped off to Detroit Michigan. Rumor has it he can actually see Canada looking out his office (trailer) window. Anyhow, I decided that to say goodbye I’d try to incorporate Beer in as many ways possible into the menu. It included:

  • Spent Grain Beer Bread (made with our grains and MNB stout)
  • Cheese Fondue (made with Swashchuckler IPA)
  • Whole Chickens injected with Stout/Garlic/Butter Marinade and smoked on the Big Green Egg
  • Jonathan’s famous mashed potatoes (haven’t figured out how to use beer in these)
  • Organic Greens Salad with Garlic/IPA/Wasabi Dressing
  • Beer Bread Pudding (slow cooked in the crock pot using our spent grain bread)


Troy on the far left


Troy and his lovely wife


Jonathan getting ready to kiss Jeff (is Jeff puckering up for it??).

2 thoughts on “A Goodbye Bash

  1. “Rumor has it he can actually see Canada looking out his office (trailer) window.”

    Up here we call those buildings, not trailers. A building is a kind of trailer without the wheels. I know it’s a new concept for you guys, but you’ll catch up someday.

  2. Oh no I am in a trailer alright. I left my lovely view of Dunwoody on the 7th floor for a Triple wide construction trailer on the Detroit River. If I make it up to 8 Mile rd. I will grab you guys some Old E or some Malt something or other. Once again thanks guys for the great brews, fun times, Brian Adams and the oportunity to clean your carboys. You will be rewarded with Fresh hops come September, this year. I will be growing 8 vines 4 of Willamette and 4 of MtHoody.

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