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A new beer bar opens up in Atlanta

If Atlanta needs one thing, it’s more beer. That’s kind of the premise we’re basing starting our brewery on, and it’s definitely true. Marisa turned me onto The Porter Beer bar, a new joint that just opened up in Little 5 Points. And then my beer email list started emailing about, saying things like:

This was (IMO) the most exciting thing to happen in the Atlanta beer scene in quite some time.  Think of food that matches the best brewpub in town and beer that matches the best beer bar in Decatur.

Quite an endorsement. I haven’t yet been ? sadly I’m still off of beer until the ulcers heal. But I encourage anyone who is able to check the place out and then leave us a comment so that I know what to order when I go. Check out their beer list, which is impressive, and their menu. Charred onion mayo? Sign me up!

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