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A new name for the Lumberjack


I recently received the following e-mail:

Hello Joel.

A few of my good friends and I, like you, have gotten together to brew some beer. We have spent a good part of the last two years finding a brewer, creating the recipe (countless nights of batch tasting) and polishing our look. At the end of the day we came up with a most delicious light color, light flavor 8.7% wheat wine. We have been calling it Lumberjack Malt Liquor. We hope to create some big waves within the high-brow community of the 40oz consumer. We live in Los Angeles and work in the entertainment industry and our adventure into brewing started as a hobby but we are having so much fun we have extended our goals and would one day like to see our product next to Steele Reserve, Old English and Colt 45 on the store shelves.

He then goes on to say:

We started brewing our first 10,000 gallons and had sent our artwork to the label maker when we found your Lumberjack Oatmeal Stout during a trademark search. We would like to seek your approval for use of the name so that we can continue with our venture.

Being the benevolent Malt-Liquor-Loving guys that we are – we conceded and have allowed them to take the name unopposed (our legal team is not that good). Our only request was that they send us a few samples. Now we just need to find a new name for our Stout. Come to the brewhaha this Saturday, taste it for yourself, and after a few beers you might have a good name for us.

5 thoughts on “A new name for the Lumberjack

  1. You could always go with Paul Bunyan Stout if you want to stick with the lumberjack theme.

  2. Did he really type that in all caps? ‘Cause the voive in my head when I read that is Bobcat Goldthwait.

  3. In keeping with Dave’s remark, I suggest the “Bobcat Goldthwait Stout.” Nothing to me says chocolate and coffee flavors like Zed from Police Academy 2, 3 and 4.

    Just think of the label, and the quote!

  4. I haven’t tasted it, but I think the new name should have “portly” in the title… ‘Cause it works on lots of levels, you know?! Port? Stout? Yeah, I’m a pretty deep thinker.

  5. Keeping with the Lumberjack theme, and adding a hidden reference (i.e. joke) to the aforementioned “malt liquor” situation, I’ve come up with: Disheveled Woodsman Stout.

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