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A New Week, Another Monday



I realized over the weekend that we don’t always clue in our web readers to what we actually will be doing any given Monday. Of all days to post this should be the most important. So…I’m thinking I’ll do a basic format as follows:

Brewing (starting this week)- 10 gal. batch of the Weiss Guy Hefeweizen
Transferring (from primary to secondary fermentation) – 15 gal. Lumberjack (wedding) Stout
Bottling – 5 Gal Roundhouse Pale Ale
ConsumingBog Monster, Swashchuckler, CowTipper, Base Jumper
On TapCasserole Ale

That’s right. I said “on tap”…on saturday I officially picked up the necessary accessories to actually use those 32 kegs we were given and yesterday I force-carbonated the Casserole Ale (figured that would be a good experimental batch). Starting this monday I hope to have anywhere between one and four beers on tap at all times. I have a feeling that I may have friends stopping by more often now for just a “casual visit” or a “quick drink.”

If you’re in ATL this evening please feel free to join us.

2 thoughts on “A New Week, Another Monday

  1. I was just telling a friend today that it is nice to have those go-to friends with skills like carpentry, technical know how, good advice, beer. We agreed that out of all the friends to know, a beer friend was a good friend indeed.

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