A Quick Peek Inside the New Space


There’s still plenty of work to be done to make our new home into a brewery. But that’s why we have “BEFORE” pictures!

This will be our new tasting room. Right now it’s mostly concrete. You can see the offices to the left, and the two large bay doors on the back wall lead into the brewery production space. The ceilings in this room are 14′ high. That’s high enough for a Stegosaurus to fit inside.

I know what you’re thinking. “Yeah, that’s kind of impressive. But not SUPER impressive.” Well let’s take a little tour of the production brewery space.

The above view is from the back corner of the production area. Basically where the brewhouse will go. Off to the right you can see one of the large bay doors leading into the tasting room. There are water and electrical hookups lining the walls, which is pretty great. We’ll need to put in some floor drains. And brewery stuff, obviously. These ceilings are 20′ high. That’s high enough for an Allosaurus to stand up comfortably, and even stretch his tiny little baby arms.


Okay, that’s better. But let’s move on, he looks hungry. The office is probably the safest place to hide from dinosaurs.

Above is a picture of the largest room in the office area. Also known as “My Office.” There are a bunch of other offices, but they’re pretty boring and they all look the same. Also known as “Everyone Else’s Offices.” You could probably fit a baby Stegosaurus or Allosaurus in here no problem. We stacked our tap handles in the corner so that the place doesn’t feel so empty. It didn’t really work.

Last but not least is our soon-to-be patio. This one will require a little imagination, because right now it looks like a loading dock.

This will be a 5,000 sq ft patio area. You’ll be able to walk up the ramp, and enter the tasting room from a new door. Your view from there will be pretty close to your view of the tasting room above (but hopefully without the stegosaurus). The right hand side with all of the trees overlooks the Atlanta Water Works. All the way in the back we are planning to put in a couple bocce courts. If we wanted to, we could also fit like half of a Brontosaurus. I’m not sure we could talk the City of Atlanta into keeping the other half on their property though.

Much, much more to come. We have a lot of time, energy, and money to put into this project before we are brewing beer for real, so stay tuned. If you have any first impressions, we’d love to hear them!

8 thoughts on “A Quick Peek Inside the New Space

  1. Simply awesome. Can’t wait to see the new space all set up and sip some tasty brew!!! Congrats guys!

  2. Man, I’ve followed you guys since the beginning of the blog… I’m that homebrewer guy from cincinnati who dips in from time to time to say Congrats. You’re an inspiration to this cincitucky boy my friends. I may be calling asking for advice for the “next step” into retail soon. :) Nice work, love the space, you could even build robots in there.

  3. I live in Loring Heights and was stoked when I saw the address on Trabert, but alas, you’re on the other side of Northside.

    Please tell me there is a trail behind the building to get to Northside. I NEED to be able to walk home when I can’t see straight from too many Eye Patches.

  4. Congrats on breaking ground on the new space! Looking forward to hanging out and drinking IPAs-o-plenty.

  5. Love your Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale…had it at Freight Kitchen & Tap in Downtown Woodstock, GA. I’m interested in bringing a bunch of fellas through from our neighborhood association. When do you see the new pad being operational? Our neighborhood association of 419 homes (that’s about 1000 potential brew connoisseurs) organize a few local brewery tours each year. We’d love to come see you and hang out on the deck with a dinosaur or two. Keep us posted on the progress!

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