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A serious system upgrade to Brew Magic


I haven’t been this excited about a new toy since I got one of those little cars with a motor in it for Christmas when I was 8. Last week, we placed an order for the Big Poppa of all brewing systems – SABCO’s Brew Magic.
Brew Magic

There are so many incredible features of this system that will give us greater consistency and predictability to our brewing:

  • Ability to recirculate the mash through an electronic heat exchanger.
  • Pump = no lifting. Good for Joel’s arthritis.
  • Sight tubes means I can calculate an accurate boil loss. Not that anyone other than me will care.
  • Touchscreen electronic controls with the ability to track time and temperature, call out hop additions and transfers, and even recreate a previous session.
  • All stainless steel tubing and kettles with tri-clamp fittings.

This beauty should be arriving in late July or early August. In the meantime, expect more doting, drooling and anticipation.

13 thoughts on “A serious system upgrade to Brew Magic

  1. This is pretty much the greatest toy a homebrewer could purchase. Do you guys expect that this will dramatically increase your brewing knowledge in order to go commercial?

    Very exciting.

  2. Holz, we’re hoping that it will help us a ton with our consistency. I don’t think there’s any piece of equipment, no matter how impressive, that can replace experience combined with study, but I do think it will help shift our attention away from the logistics of setting up and tearing down our system each week and refocus us on the actual brewing process. My expectation is that this will give us the time and flexibility to focus on things like water chemistry, consistent mash and sparge temperatures, minimizing aeration, yield, etc.

  3. i say you guys should remove one of the casters immediately upon receiving it…for old time’s sake!

  4. John A (frequent commenter), good call. But we’ll only do it if you supply us with a citronella candle to keep it level…

  5. That thing is pretty awesome. I especially like the idea of getting a better idea of evaporation rate. That is one thing I think is hardest to nail down in a homebrew setting.

  6. About time! I don;t know how you guys have been doing it without a system like this. You have made a big step. I am in the process of building mine. It is taking so long, I think it will take a year to complete. I just might have to break down and buy one.

    I think I speak for the masses. A full review of the system once you brew.

  7. This is a pretty impressive brewing system. Looking forward to the updates once you have it in your possession and brew your first batch. I like the no lifting element.

  8. I’ve been wanting one of these too…they are manufactured right down the street from my house in Toledo. I look forward to hearing how it performs for you guys.

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