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A tribute to the faithful pack mule


Meet Andy. It’s Andy’s lucky day.

Andy has been given front-page status for this day only for one reason: he is a pack mule. When you ooze excellence like Jeff, Joel and I, it’s easy to forget the little people that make Monday Night Brewery possible.

Andy comes early every week. He mills grains, cleans carboys, transfers beer, bottles… he does it all. Unfortunately, we can’t repay him in beer since his tolerance for alcohol is so low.

If you haven’t heard, Andy is fast becoming our food and beer pairing expert. So in that sense he’s more like a pack mule with his own cooking show. And his cooking is delicious.

Keep it up Andy. Your work is not unappreciated. Although you probably owe us something for this write-up, so be thinking of how you can earn our love back.

2 thoughts on “A tribute to the faithful pack mule

  1. i just want to say thank you for this surprising and unprecedented display of appreciation. since i now owe you for this gracious gesture, i can only promise to step-up my efforts both as a pack mule and a cook.

    to begin making this up to you three, perhaps you (and your significant others) would be interested in coming over for a simple meal that i will prepare, featuring our pumpkin and scotch ales. it is only a small gesture, but i hope it can be a start towards earning this unwarranted appreciation, particularly from three men who simply ooze excellence.

  2. Andy, you got hosed!

    I got on the front page TWICE just for turning 21.

    BTW, Can I be Baker’s significant other? (I LOVE THAT FOOD!)

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