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Aaaagh! There’s whiskey in my beer!


We thought we’d seen the last of the whiskey porter. That dreaded frat brew that was more liquor than beer. I guess that’s what happens when you pour half a handle of Maker’s Mark into a mere five gallons of fermenting beer. If you haven’t caught the reference yet, be sure to check out Joel’s long-winded but ultimately entertaining post on “the ultimate frat brew.”

Fortunately, this time it is not Georgia Tech frat boys, but legitimate brewers, venturing into the land of whiskey and beer. Flying Dog Brewery has released a limited edition whiskey-aged Gonzo Imperial Porter. Apparently there are only 5,000 bottles being produced, so there’s little chance of us small-timers getting our hands on some. However, Chris at Hail the Ale! has written a review on this sucker, as has The Brew Site. Both reviews give me the impression that Flying Dog did not, in fact, resort to dumping Jack Daniels into the beer. Not that that’s a bad thing ? if you’re into that.

Interestingly enough, this whole beer + liquor theme has been a hot little potato lately. Reelbeer.com just did a little diddy on the relationship between microbrewing and microdistilling. I’m thinking our next brew should be a kiwi lager infused with vodka.

2 thoughts on “Aaaagh! There’s whiskey in my beer!

  1. How about a chili pepper beer, laced with tequila, strained through a burrito and fermented under a sombrero which is placed inside an agave cactus?

    That should kill the beer+liquor theme as well as the extreme brewing theme.

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