Ale Sharpton shows us some love


Atlanta-based beer writer Ale Sharpton showed up on Monday and wrote a little diddy about us. My computer is telling me that “diddy” isn’t a word. Well, Mr. Computer, perhaps you should take that up with THIS GUY. You should probably read the whole article, as it is an epic storytelling masterpiece of one man’s massive Monday night, but here’s an excerpt:

After a series of turns and side streets, it’s West Side location turned out to be a backyard with steaming beer vats, a hop vine, an open garage with a custom-made refrigerator specifically to run draft lines through holes drilled in its door and about 30 folks holding Monday Night glasses filled with homebrewed IPAs (the “Rye” and “Toasty”) chatting it up.

Update: Apparently the word is “ditty,” not “diddy.” Thanks, Mr. Computer!

2 thoughts on “Ale Sharpton shows us some love

  1. 1) I love that there is somebody doing reviews under the name, “Ale Sharpton”.

    2) I also love that you linked to a photo of Puff Daddy, a.ka. P. Diddy, a.ka. Sean Jean, a.k.a. Diddy, a.k.a Puffy Combs.

    3) I especially love that Mr. Computer corrected you.

    4) Send me some beer.

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