All signs point to YES


Jeffrey at Wort’s Going On Here? recently posted about an article outlining the positive trends in craft brewing. His comments:

According to a Boston Patriot Ledger article, craft beer sales have risen 30% versus mainstream beers 2% increase, driven by the American public’s desire to enjoy premium items, like artisanal foods, gourmet popcorn and ice cream. Boston Beer company, maker of Samuel Adams, grew 17% last year, and Harpoon Brewery grew 14%. Even Coors Brewing Company’s Blue Moon beer has grown 20%!

I choose to view this article as a personal sign from God that our efforts in attempting to establish a micro will be rewarded. Thank you God. Now, please send us another sign. Perhaps have Joel and/or Jeff fired from their current jobs and escorted out by security?

Many thanks to Jeffrey for the tip.

One thought on “All signs point to YES

  1. I don’t know what I think about Joel losing his job as a sign that he should brew full-time… but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

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