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4 thoughts on “Allagash, Baby

  1. No John. Kool-aid is only used in beers like our BogMonster (a failure) and Sweetwater Blue (I think the flavor they use is called “Great Bluedini” to be exact).

  2. Sweetwater used real blueberries when they first started brewing that beer. It was fun to watch them backwash the filter, with blueberries spewing out all over the floor. Now I think they do use a syrup but as far as I know there have been no incidents of a big red jug busting through the wall yelling “OH YEAH!!”

  3. It seems like we have a mixed bag when we hit brewery tours as well. Some of the local ones are great, and the corporate ones can either be too commercial (Budweiser) or worth a second visit (Coors, for example). It is best when the head brewer gives a tour (America’s Brewing Company or Two Brothers–as other examples). We really enjoy seeing how much of the process is the same, and how much is really different. The smaller the brewery, the more exciting the ingredients, I think. Rye was interesting to find at one place–pizza ingredient at another, not so much. :)

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