And while we’re on the subject of Rogue…


I’ve been on a Rogue kick the past couple months. Turns out I like their beer. Now I have another reason to like them: they’re miserly. Check this from Bob, author of the [BW] Beer Blog, who recently toured the Rogue facilities:

“The brewery itself isn?t the prettiest or fanciest place in the world, but that?s the point. Our tour guide referred to themselves as ?stingy elephants? and you can tell. All of their machinery, aside from the bottling line, is purchased used or traded for. Their offices are even a big particle board box.”

What I wouldn’t give to be referred to as a “stingy elephant.” Read the rest of the post here.

One thought on “And while we’re on the subject of Rogue…

  1. I also should have mentioned that they only fill their kegs with 13 gallons of beer instead of the full 15.5. Why? Some say it makes the beer taste better. Our tour guide says its because they’re stingy =)

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