Andy further explores food and beer pairings… and succeeds


Our friend Andy has recently embarked upon a crusade to make beer and food pairings his bitch. Last night marked the second chapter in this poignant saga. The most delightful of his stylings, by far, was his dessert dish: fried plantains in a rum, cinnamon and brown sugar glaze (Andy, correct me if I’m wrong).

He also prepared a homemade cinnamon ice cream, which didn’t quite turn out. I’ve got high hopes for the next version, however. To top it all off, this scrumptious dessert was paired with an equally scrumptious Celebrator Dopplebock.

As we say in consulting, the synergies in the beer and food were fully leveraged.

6 thoughts on “Andy further explores food and beer pairings… and succeeds

  1. the plantains were in fact grilled, but otherwise you were spot on. and, yes, the synergism of the Celebrator and the rum glazed plantains was, if I may say so, phenomenally successful.

  2. Last night was definitely a fun night. Thanks to Andy for his hospitality and great food and Johnathan for the great beer. Let’s shoot to come over to my place sometime in mid October.


  3. interesting… i might just put together post for that with 3-5 pairings and see what the feedback is like. thx.

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