Appellation Beer throws down some beer rules


hops.jpgIn the spirit of the now defunct Miller Man Laws campaign, Stan at Appellation Beer has been slowly churning out a new standard of “Beer Rules.” Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Man Laws… But neither does Brew Edicts. So I think Beer Rules is fine.

NEW BEER RULE #2: A beer consumer should not be allowed to drink a beer with IBU higher than her or his IQ.

I thought this fitting, seeing as we tried our hand at a Double IPA (tentatively named the Base Jumper Double) on Monday. I think the IBU’s are going to be around infinity, so you’ll have to be in a Mensa group to drink it. See Stan’s entire post here. And be sure to participate in the upcoming Session!

One thought on “Appellation Beer throws down some beer rules

  1. I suppose this isn’t much of a concern because our palettes have a tolerance for bitterness, and we stop noticing the difference after about 90 IBUs. Is Beer Rule #2 already moot?

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