Asheville, NC tops list of America’s best beer cities


Wait, what? Little Asheville, NC, our brethren to the Northeast-ish? Yes. In an online poll hosted by Charlie Papazian, Asheville tied Portland, OR for the best beer city in the USA. This means precious little in reality, as online polls are not all that scientific, something Papazian readily admits. However, the fact that Asheville is even on the list is a testament to the growth of great craft beer throughout the Southeast.

Source: Explore_Asheville

We have partaken of the fine beers of Asheville on many occasions and can attest to the awesomeness of the city, especially when one factors in the craft beer per capita ratio. With establishments such as:

Asheville is no slouch. Sidenote: Asheville also excels at “Subaru per capita” statistics. So congratulations, Asheville! Enjoy this relatively meaningless distinction and keep doing your part to further craft beer in the Southeast! If you haven’t visited the city, it’s well worth a weekend trip. Only a short hop from Atlanta and you’re guaranteed to be in a beer-induced stupor.

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