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Assistant brewer, anyone?


When we make the transition from homebrewing to commercial brewing, we fear we will have a lot to learn. An interview with Steve of Beau’s All-Natural Brewing has only confirmed this. Needless to say, Jeff (our brewmaster) is worried. None of us has had any formal beer training. While we’d like to send at least Jeff to school, we are thinking it would also be wise to hire an old salty. Not necessarily an aging sailor, but someone who at least knows the ropes, and could step up as an assistant brewer.

While we won’t be hiring anyone until we become an actual brewery, we’d love to start developing relationships with some of these people now. Trouble is, we don’t know where they are (except in breweries). Joel already tried looking for an Assistant Brewer group on Facebook. (Good job, Joel. You’re always a value-add ) If anyone has any suggestions, shoot us an email.

Have a safe and beer-filled weekend!

6 thoughts on “Assistant brewer, anyone?

  1. My real job is the CEO of a web-start. In software, sometimes you can get people to work for equity in the company. I know you are not crazy about an “old salty” but they are likely the ones that are going to be in a financial place to do something like that. Maybe some equity for consulting and mentoring?

  2. Thanks. We’ve already looked into ProBrewer and are going to post something soon. That Jamil show is also looking pretty interesting… we’ll check it out.

  3. hey I’m ready to start brewing on a large scale, and will to relocate. i’ve a have some really nice recipes to are my own creations and are unique to and original, let me know if you want to talk about soon, on a road trip around the country so i can meet up soon.
    have a good one and talk to ya soon.

  4. I just stumbled on your sight and was interested if you guys are still pursuing your dream. If you would like to elaborate feel free to call 404 226 8386 cell. I may be able to contribute some experience.

    Kevin McNerney
    Brewmaster Sweetwater Brewing co.

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