Atlanta Cuisine reviews everything but our launch beers



In late March Tom Maicon from Atlanta Cuisine came by to try some of our beers. (I know… it’s May. I forgot.). Unfortunately at the time he came we had pretty much everything on tap except our two launch beers, Eye Patch Ale and Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. Still, if you’d like to read some objective reviews of beers that we are still tweaking, have at it!

A lighter style IPA

An experimental porter

Blind Pirate Double IPA

Image stolen from AtlantaCuisine.com. Tom, please don’t be angry with us.

One thought on “Atlanta Cuisine reviews everything but our launch beers

  1. Damn them…

    BTW, did you guys catch the AJC “Living & Arts” this past Sunday…? Page One – “Backyard keg king” about some fellow homebrewing up in Cumming…

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