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It’s Monday. It’s on.

Tonight, 8 pm, we’ll be brewing up some remarkably tasty IPA with a splash of rye. You won’t be able to taste that, but we’ve got some great beers on tap. Guest appearance is expected from Joel, proud new father to Oliver, who is less than a week old. And is very cute.


Ok, that came out wrong. But here’s the bottom line. Joel is on a plane to…uh…Joel, where are you going? And Jonathan is in Italy. Which means no brewing. Folks, we dropped the ball. It won’t happen again.


Due to a variety of factors, we are canceling brewing tonight. Specifically, Jonathan is feeling rough, I am stuck at the office, and Joel has dinner plans with the Queen of England. Lame? Yes. Yes, indeed. But as a consolation, we are making some good progress on the business front and should have a full

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Monday Means Brewing

First, three pieces of good news. One, we’re brewing tonight. Two, next week we will have a full supply of Monday Night beers. Three, DNA tests have confirmed that Jonathan is NOT the father of my son. Ok, you knew it was coming – one bit of bad news. Remember how I said that next

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Birthday Boy

Ladies, gentlemen, and ladies, today is a day unlike all others. It is our esteemed marketing guy and master of mind control’s birthday. Happy birthday, Jonathan. If you’re looking for a special way to recognize your favorite brewery-in-planning blogger, here are a few gift ideas… – An ironic tee shirt – 3-ply toilet paper –

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Milk Stout, Take 2!

Last night we gave our milk stout a second swing after underpitching the yeast in our batch a couple of weeks ago. It was no walk in the park – the obstacles facing our attempt were numerous and horrific. No oats. Low propane. Frigid cold. Malfunctioning fermentation chamber. And most dire, Joel alone at the

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Tonight We Brew!

Tonight we’re brewing another batch of our Belgian wit beer (name pending – thanks for all the feedback). Since switching from a Bavarian style hefe to the Belgian wit, we’ve made 2 batches and are very pleased with the results. All indications are that tonight will be a good crowd, so drop us a line

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Q&A with Jeff of MNB

Jeff has played a central role in the development of Monday Night Brewery. His carefully crafted recipes and business savvy have vaulted MNB to the center of the microbrewery development blogosphere with alarming speed and success. I caught up with Jeff at his midtown Atlanta office. Me: Jeff, will there be brewing tonight? Jeff: Yes,

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Brewmaster Blunders

On Monday we brewed our second annual Laissez-Faire Barleywine, which should be ready for consumption in December. What we didn’t plan on was my recklessness with not one, but two yeast starters. I mixed up a starter of California Ale yeast on Saturday afternoon, and when I went to check on it Sunday morning, the

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We Suck; No Brewing

I could give you excuses. I could tell you that Jonathan’s absence is, believe it or not, strongly felt. I could tell you that Joel’s been out of the country for a week and his first day back is kicking his tail. I could tell you that my in-laws are in town for a week.

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Rough Start

For those of you that keg on a consistent basis, I’ve had a recurring issue that I just can’t figure out. We tapped our most recent batch of IPA about a week and a half ago and found it pretty disappointing. The flavor was flat, the aftertaste was metallic – it tasted like all the

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Brewing is a GO

Sorry for the late notice, dear readers, but we did want to let you know that we’re on for brewing tonight. We’ll be giving our Belgian Dubbel a second try, after a quite successful first pass. We’ve got that first pass on tap, as well as Drafty Kilt and our latest creation, the Belgian Wit

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More Drafty, Less Kilt

Despite Jonathan’s continued confinement to his deathbed and my whining about having to work late, last night was a solid one. Our new Belgian dubbel and Drafty Kilt were pouring well, we transfered our new Belgian Wheat and latest batch of IPA, enjoyed meeting some newcomers and even managed to brew a batch of dialed

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