A new name for the Lumberjack

I recently received the following e-mail: Hello Joel. A few of my good friends and I, like you, have gotten together to brew some beer. We have spent a good part of the last two years finding a brewer, creating the recipe (countless nights of batch tasting) and polishing our look. At the end of

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A Goodbye Bash

On Friday we said goodbye to our dear friend and fellow brewer Troy Bash (Yes, that’s his last name…AMAZING). No, he didn’t die but after his 8 month stint in Atlanta (as some sort of “project manager”) he is now being shipped off to Detroit Michigan. Rumor has it he can actually see Canada looking

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Journey to Japan: Beers while bathing

Today was a great day. Skiing in the morning, Japanese food for dinner, and Onsens with beer in the evening. Onsens (next to lots of cool electronics and cars) are one of the greatest inventions of the Japanese. They’re essentially volcanically fed hot springs that are usually up in the mountainous regions of the country.

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Journey to Japan: Beer Vending Machines

As Jonathan has previously mentioned I’m currently in Japan visiting family. Apart from receiving a minor concussion every day as I walk through the doors and forget to duck (door frames are about 5’9″, I’m 6’2″…It hurts) the visit has been quite spectacular. One very interesting phenomenon is vending machines. They sell just about anything

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Brew Day

In honor of MLK I’m brewing all day today. Trying to get three batches (that’s 30 Gallons!) done so they’ll be ready for the brew-ha-ha. Come by whenever if you are in town and around.

New Year, New Toys

Despite our lack of beer to drink last night it was a good evening. MNB kicked off 2008 with the BCS National championship game and a session of brewing our Swashchuckler IPA. Jonathan and I hooked up a projector and speakers so everyone could watch big screen from the garage or driveway. Weather was awesome

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No Brewing Tonight

In light of the fact that it is Christmas Eve we will not be brewing tonight. If you show up at Jeff’s you’re likely to be disappointed as there is only flat beer (we’re out of CO2) and Jeff sitting around a fire playing christmas songs on his guitar. I did find this sweet video

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Stirring it Up

I’ve been becoming a bit of a health nut over the past few months. Don’t fear – I’m still drinking plenty of good beer (Guinness is good for you..Right?) but I’ve cut back on over-processed foods in favor of organics, whole grains, and flax seed (keeps you regular). Anyhow, my wife’s cousin works for a

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A sweet dowry…

This past Monday we were able to enjoy an amazing new tap handle as we poured the Swashchuckler and Lumberjack from the kegerator. This stellar new addition is complements of Ian – my younger sister’s boyfriend. Ian and I have a special relationship. I had never met him and for the previous 6 months I

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Our Harvest Ale

Tonight we tapped the Harvest Ale. No, none of us are farmers or know anything at all about farming…but everyone has to have a harvest ale these days (especially to celebrate the 90degree October days in Atlanta). Actually the true credit for this Harvest Ale goes to our new friend Troy. Troy showed up to

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New friends and new tap handles…

Every Monday tends to hold some sort of new surprise. Be it a new recipe, a new twist on an old recipe, a new toy (read: kegerator, heat exchanger, autosiphon) or just some new friends to stop by. New toys and new friends are generally speaking my favorites. From this past Monday…. New Toy: The

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It’s Monday!

My favorite day of the week has finally arrived! We have a very busy evening ahead of us so if you want to join us your help would be greatly appreciated. Brewing – 10 gal of the Weiss Guy – plan to use fresh orange zest this time as a new experiment Bottling – 10

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