Base Jumper Double IPA


mnb-base-jumper-apr-2-2007.gifAs promised, here is the first of 3 new brew labels after our brewing field day on Monday. We’ve also got a Cranberry Ale (Pucker Punch) and a Cream Ale (as yet unnamed). This is a first draft, so comments are accepted, expected and encouraged. Note on the Cream Ale– we are definitely still looking for a name, so if a Name Fairy visits you in your slumber and whispers sweet namings into your ear, let us know. One stipulation: nothing sexual. I know, that pretty much wiped out all the names you were about to submit.

And if you can’t read the quote on the Base Jumper label:
“For fools rush in where angels fear to tread” ? Alexander Pope

9 thoughts on “Base Jumper Double IPA

  1. So… my idea was “WIDE-EYED TOAD” Double IPA (because it’s “hoppy”…get it?). And I still stand by that name. But for a Cream Ale… an idea: Featherweight Cream Ale (boxing theme).

  2. Yeah… GREAT idea. Too bad the “toad” is not a person, thus not fitting into our theme. As the brand leader, I’ve simply GOT to draw the line. Though I do like the Featherweight Cream Ale. Kind of funny. I wonder if anyone would own up to drinking it.

  3. How about Headchurner? If the cream ale is blonde in color, it works even better (without the sexual connotations necessary, but evermore faintly present).

  4. Just wanted to clarify…”headturner” being a nice-looking blonde passing by a construction site (Arby’s commercial just entered my head) with “churn” added to reflect “cream.”

  5. I like that “churn” imagery… What about something like “Toss & Churn”? That’s not very good. I’m just brainstorming as I type. Headchurner is better.

  6. Did we abandon Foaming Moustache Ale? It doesn’t have an explicit connection to cream, but the image is similar to those milk ads, which are certainly creamish. Regardless, I vote for a cool quote from some Clapton song when he was in Cream.

  7. For future reference, you might want to put the following names in your word bank for future colorful beer characters:

  8. A quick wikipedia search of the band “Cream” revealed that they in fact had a song entitled “Strange Brew”…

    Note: I am not making this up

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