Beer becomes center of Apple iPhone leak disaster



A prototype of Apple’s next iPhone was left at a German beer garden by Apple employee Gray Powell. Unfortunately for Apple, Gizmodo found it. And now German airline Lufthansa is getting in on the action. In an open letter to Gray Powell, Lufthansa employee Nicola C. Lange writes:

I recently read in the news that you lost a very special phone at a German beer bar in California. We all know how frustrating it can be to lose personal belongings, especially when it is such a unique item.

At Lufthansa we also noted with great interest your passion for German beer and culture. We thought you could use a break soon — and therefore would like to offer you complimentary Business Class transportation to Munich, where you can literally pick up where you last left off. Upon arrival in Munich, feel free to check out our new Bavarian Beer Garden Business Lounge, and experience the best that Germany has to offer.

Let this be a lesson to you, Gray. Don’t bring top secret hardware with you when you’re out drinking. Or maybe, if you are going to bring top secret hardware with you, try a Belgian beer bar instead. This never would have happened at Brick Store.

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