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Beer blog round-up!


mybeerpix.jpgThere are a lot of beer blogs. I seem to stumble upon a new one (or new to me, at least) every day now. However, as I’m sure a lot of you know, there are also a lot of mediocre beer blogs. That said, the following is a purely subjective list of MNB’s all-time beer blog favorites. If you enjoy our blog (and you do), chances are you’ll like these guys too.

My Beer Pix: A newer blog out of California. Great mix of wit and knowledge. This husband/wife team LOVES local beer.

Stonch’s Beer Blog: Who knew England could produce writers? Stonch’s editorial style is fun to read ? and he’s getting into some bootleg homebrewing. His growth as a blogger has been very entertaining to follow. Even when he’s discussing some little English pub that I have no prayer of visiting.

Rooftop Brew: I don’t know why this is one of my favorites, but it is. Topics are very interesting (they brew their own beer!), and posts are never time-consuming to read. My only complaint is that they don’t post enough.

Appellation Beer: Stan should write a book. Oh wait. He already has. Two of them. His blog is always insightful in the ways of beer. I like to think of Uncle Stan as the Papa Bear of this whole outfit, though I haven’t told him that yet.

Hair of the Dog Dave: Dave’s “Resource for beer enthusiasts” is just that. Teeming with interesting beer reviews and industry news, his site is definitely worth a gander every now and again.

3 thoughts on “Beer blog round-up!

  1. Cool – my blog started as replacement for a paper brewing log (you know, so you seem thoughtful and in control, like a chemist), but I can’t help occasionally dip in to the culture and comment on other beers. I don’t post much lately as we’re about to move, and I’ve been working full time and going to grad school. Hoping to pick up again in a few weeks when I start all-grain brewing.

  2. Guys, thanks for the kind words, and once again thanks for the MNB glasses! Your blog is one of my favourite reads too. As you know I’ve just made the first steps into homebrewing so far so reading that it stays fun after the initial burst of enthusiasm is encouraging! Cheers

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