Beer Connoisseur launches and Monday Night gets a piece of the pie


A new beer magazine, Beer Connoisseur, launched their online site last week (a print version will be following soon). Why is this important? Because we are officially blogging for them on how to start a brewery under the title, “From Our House to the Brewhouse.”


Sign up for a free account if you want to read our stuff. You can then navigate to the blogs section and find the blog with the sexiest-looking writer. They are also looking for feedback on the site in general, so be sure to drop them a line if you have anything!

5 thoughts on “Beer Connoisseur launches and Monday Night gets a piece of the pie

  1. Jonathan, what do you think this website is, an opportunity for shameless self-promotion? Come on, man.

  2. i have to sign up to read your stuff, why not just come here and read it for free?

  3. Congrats.. although these guys are going to find themselves hard-pressed for content/members if they don’t remove the forced register/login in order to view posts in the ‘blog’ section. It’s one thing to ask users to register in order to post comments, by then they’re most likely committed to putting in their two cents so forking over an email + contact info isn’t a turnoff….. but on a new site!? and especially on their blog section? Come on now, this isn’t 2001 and they aren’t the New York Times. Should be interesting to see what the print version looks like.
    good luck!

  4. Jonathan –

    If you own any pictures of yourself where you DON’T look like a smug self-righteous douchebag, I’d suggest sending them one.

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