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Beer consumption by state: Georgia exhibits “room for improvement”

Come on Georgia, let’s get it together. According to the Beer Institute, we ranked 43rd in terms of beer consumption per capita by state. That’s out of 50 states. 28.2 gallons of beer per year per person over 21. That’s the best we can do? I know it sounds like a lot, but in Montana they consume 43.5 gallons of beer per year per person. Now I’m not saying we become like Montana (God forbid), but let’s at least pull our weight. Preferably with some up-and-coming Atlanta-loving craft beers?

Sloshspot pulled together this handy-dandy map, which we have illegally lifted from their site. [Note: Please visit their site and say nice things about them so they don’t call the lawyers on us.] Feel free to click on the image for a larger version. But whatever you do, if you live in Georgia, grab a beer and start drinking. Immediately.


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