Beer growlers are the new black



The New York Times (maybe you’ve heard of it) recently ran an article on the renewed interest in growlers as a means of purchasing beer. This is a concept that might be foreign to many Georgians, so let me break it down. A growler is a refillable 64-oz glass jug that you can take to a place with taps (such as a brewery or a Piggly Wiggly) and pay to have it filled up with beer. It’s cheaper than buying bottles because you’re not paying for the packaging. And you also have access to beers you wouldn’t normally be able to consume in your own home, such as cask ales. It’s usually a safe bet that the beer you purchase in growlers is fresher, especially if you’re purchasing from a brewery. The largest downside is that you have to drink the beer soon after opening. THE HORROR!

Interviewed in the Times story were the owners of Bierkraft in Brooklyn, NY. I was actually at Bierkraft in late January. And while I didn’t purchase a growler (I didn’t think Delta would like me trying to sneak back 64 oz of beer), I was impressed with their selection. Three cask ales to choose from and a bevy of other hard-to-find, delicious options.

The moral of the story? There’s a reason why growlers are gaining in popularity. They’re cheaper and more eco-friendly. And sometimes I shed a single tear when I think about Georgia’s lack of them.

Let’s all join hands and do a Growler dance. Hat tip to infrequent commenter West for the link.

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9 thoughts on “Beer growlers are the new black

  1. If Delta had a problem with it, you would have had to do like that German guy that had a fifth of vodka that was going to get turned away. He chugged the entire thing right there in security.

    And then, instead of boarding the airplane, they took him to the hospital.

  2. When flying a redeye from Portland, OR to Hawaii, I discovered that Rogue brewery had obtained a license to sell beer TO GO in the Portland Airport. having meant to buy a growler for some time, I Immediately purchased a Growler full of Dead Guy Ale, and had the very best 6 hour flight of my life.

  3. Agree with you peeps. Growlers rock! If you happen to run across Hop Valley Alphadelic IPA your growler will dance!

  4. The grocery stores in Kentucky can’t sell wine, but they can sell growlers of beer (as can liquor stores and, of course, all the microbreweries and brewpubs in the area).

    The new thing is the 32oz swing-top half-growler, which is a better amount for one or two people.

    Even for beers that are available in bottle, it’s great to be able to taste the draft version (like the Founders Double Trouble I am finishing right now).

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