Beer wars: Travis gets a new website. It sucks.


A little while ago our mortal enemy Travis got himself a brand new website. I know what you’re thinking: But isn’t that like putting lip stick on a dead possum? Yes. A dead possum that can’t brew a decent beer.


And we’ll be the first to admit: we’ve given Travis and his merry crew of misfits a little too much leeway lately. Frankly, I think it was our pity that led us to leave him alone. Brewing crappy beer up in St. Buttcrack, New York in the dead of winter. It’s a sad story. We actually tried to send him a care package, but the post office wouldn’t deliver that far north. Next step is to hire an eskimo and a moose to make the trek for us.

It’s easy to forget about him. I mean, our beer is pretty awesome. And we don’t waste our time with Bud Light clones. So Travis, we raise a glass of quality beer to you. I hope things pick up for you soon. May your new website not suck as bad as the old one.

Note: our war with Travis is an ongoing saga of good over evil. See past battles here (or his versions here).

3 thoughts on “Beer wars: Travis gets a new website. It sucks.

  1. Hey, that’s not a picture of a possum! Possums have no hair on their tails, I should know, I just threw a tail in my boiling kettle yesterday:)

  2. Who are you kidding? You scraped that thing up and brought it home for dinner with the family. That’s a Georgia Strip Steak.

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