My Amazon.com Visa card is finally paying dividends. I got a $25 Amazon gift card in he mail the other day for spending a lot of money, and just ordered two more brewing books to add to the collection – “Radical Brewing” and “Brew Like a Monk“. “Designing Great Beers” continues to be a great resource for recipe formulation. Hopefully, these books will provide some help on the Double IPA, a few fruit beer ideas, and Belgian styles (which we have yet to explore). If you have any other good beer book recommendations, send them our way!

4 thoughts on “Beerducation

  1. FYI, I also just got Beer Captured from my Dad. I’m not sure how helpful it will be… most of the book is just clone recipes… but maybe it will look cool on our beer book shelf?

  2. Pretty much any of the BA published books are great – Brew Like A Monk, Wild Brews, and Farmhouse Ales. Already created a Belgian Dark Strong that was super tasty using BLAM, and now I’m looking at doing a sour beer and a Saison after having just finished the other two.

    Good luck on that Double IPA…probably my favorite style!

  3. Designing great beers is a MUST! I got that one a while back and it has really helped me to understand styles and ingredients a lot better.

    If you guys are going on the microbrewery train, I recommend sleeping with that hoss under your pillow at night.


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