Belgium, delivered to my door. At 10pm.


Peter, I admire your tenacity. Not only do you write up a synopsis of Belgian beer, you also go so far as to put on a taste test at my house that very night. And boy howdy. On the docket: Trappistes Rochefort 8, Delirium Tremens and Chimay Ale ? Trappistes and Chimay are actually 2 of the 6 official Trappist ales in the world. How intent was Peter on getting this taste test just right? He brought his own official Belgian drinking glasses. I got to use the Chimay glass. Here’s a pic of Peter drying said glass:

The beer was astounding. All three were very complex and all three had strong fruity notes in them. The Rochefort was the most interesting to me. It was definitely a dark beer. It was full-bodied with a hint of chocolate. While it didn’t necessarily look like a heavy beer, it most definitely tasted like one. All three beers were actually high in alcohol content (8-10%), but the alcohol taste wasn’t overpowering in any of them (unlike the Whiskey Porter). I also noticed that all three were strongly carbonated. The Delirium actually reminded me of a Belgium high-gravity Boddington’s. So. To sum up. Peter was right about Belgian beers.

I still stand behind my review of Ommegang. Ommegang was much thicker and darker than any of these. I would definitely put it into a different category of beers. The edible chocolate category.

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