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Introducing Betty’s Waffle Emporium


If you’ve been to the Garage recently, you may have noticed a big blue truck. We’re fortunate to have Betty’s Waffle Emporium in permanent residence. Chef Jen Wesley brings her food expertise to the Garage on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Chicago native has years of experience in the food industry, and she’s excited to show off her creative culinary skills at the Garage. And because that’s not enough work, Jen enjoys making and fixing clocks on the side! Learn more about the skills behind Betty’s Waffle Emporium.

Q: “What is Betty’s Waffle Emporium?” 

Jen: “Good question. We were kicking ideas around for a food truck at a brewery. Because everyone likes to have some food with their beer, right? So we were going over all the regular food items – you know, chicken wings, burgers, pizza, that kind of stuff. We joked that we should do waffles, and after a good laugh, we actually started to plan it out.”

Q: “So why waffles?”

J: “They make for a great base. Alone, they’re a clean slate to work with. If you build a great, crispy waffle, you can go in so many different directions. Sweet, savory…it’s all good!”

Q: “What’s on the menu?”

J: “Lots of stuff. Of course, since we’re in the south, we had to go with chicken and waffles. That’s just a classic dish and it’s hearty enough to really fill you up, but it won’t compete with the beer you’re drinking. It’s a great complement to Monday Night’s brews.”

Q: “What else?”

J: “As a vegetarian myself, I wanted to make sure we had food options for everyone. So I make a ‘chicken’ and waffle dish using a cauliflower steak that’s beer-battered and fried. Plus, we’ve got a gluten-free waffle option, and for the kids, we make Tetris-shaped waffles.”

Q:  So who’s Betty? 

J: “Betty’s actually a dog. She belongs to one of the managers at Monday Night. Once during a conversation about Betty the dog, another member of the Monday Night team thought Betty was the name of the managers grandma, which gave us all a good laugh. Betty was such a good name we decided to run with it. And  we’re all dog people, so it works.”

Q: “So enough talk about waffles. Let’s talk more about you. What are three things you can’t live without?”

Jen: “My family, my dog, and something to read.”

Q: “Proudest moment?”

J: “My proudest moment is still yet to come.”

Q: “Secret talent?”

J: “I’m an animal whisperer…never met an animal that didn’t like me.”

Q: “What is one thing you are pretty sure about?”

J: “Embrace life! All things will make you better than you were before

Q: “What Monday Night beer are you and why?”

J: ”I would guess that I am Slap Fight? I’m quiet at first, but you realize that I’m a character after you get to know me.”

Betty’s Waffle Emporium is open for business Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Garage. More details can be found here.

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