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Big taproom changes coming this September


Starting in September, Georgia beer laws take a big step forward, joining the rest of the country (literally every other state) in allowing direct sales to consumers. Practically, this means that you will be able to visit a brewery and buy a pint of beer. You can buy one pint, or you can buy many pints. You can also buy up to a case of beer to take home with you.

We will no longer be constrained by the tour system, so say goodbye to the take-home pint glasses and ticket systems. This gives us a lot more flexibility. We will be open longer hours and will have multiple size options for many of our beers available for purchase.

Our hope is that the longer hours will also help cut down on lines and create more of a “hangout” vibe. Swing by for a beer on your drive home without worrying about whether you’ll be able to use up all your tickets before we close. Or even better, work/study at the brewery. Bring a book, bring your computer, jump on our wifi… all while sipping on a delicious small batch beer. To that end, we will be adding more seating and tables. So… starting September 2, here are our new hours.

New Hours

Monday – 4pm-9pm
Tuesday – 4pm-9pm
Wednesday – CLOSED (longer hours coming 2018)
Thursday – 4pm-9pm
Friday – CLOSED (longer hours coming 2018)
Saturday – 12pm-4pm (longer hours coming 2018)
Sunday – CLOSED (longer hours coming 2018)

More Options

Pricing will vary by beer, but in general expect:

  • $2.50-3.00 8oz core and small batch beers
  • $4.50-5.50 16oz core and small batch beers
  • $4+ specialty 8oz beers
  • $10 flights (4 4oz beers)

We’ll be open longer hours at the Garage once it opens up. If you haven’t been to Monday Night in awhile, make sure to come back in September and check out the new vibe and new options!

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  1. Thank you
    Can you tell me if there are any growler stores in the Cumming Ga area that have Slap Fight on tap ?

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