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Black caps or white caps?



Jeff, Joel and I cannot agree on whether we should use black caps or white caps. And so, we bring our proverbial baby to you, the proverbial King Solomon, to decide for us. Either way, we will probably be imprinting a tie on each cap. Take a look at the pictures. Vote below. And know that your vote will influence history.


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36 thoughts on “Black caps or white caps?

  1. Black for sure. When you’ve had a whole bunch of those, it will appear that the darkness is winking at you.

    I’m not sure that’s the effect you’re going for, but just sayin’.

  2. I think the white cape with the black tie is more consistant with the brand (white shirt, black tie). I like them both though.

  3. I agree with Jason on the brand consistency thing. Exactly what I came in here to say.

  4. Yeah Russell – not an ideal scenario but unfortunately I was too lazy to go back over to Jeff’s house (it’s a good quarter mile away) and get the other two bottles.

  5. White caps for their visual interest (they stand out) and the brand identity (black tie on white shirt).

  6. I just voted black, but then I read Jason’s comment about the white shirt and black tie being more consistent… and I actually totally agree with that.

    So um, if you want to get really complicated, I switch my vote.


  7. dude, go with the white cap. the black cap on brown bottle looks muddy, bleh. you’ve got lots of black on the label of course, but the blue and gold are able to separate the black on the label from the bottle and it looks good. WHITE CAPS ‘TIL DEATH!

  8. Are you going to relegate every design decision to a voting system? GROW A PAIR

  9. My initial vote was for black, but I hereby amend my vote to white for the reasons herein described.

  10. The black gives the impression of relaxing in the evening, whereas white is just too wide-awake, high-energy for a brew . . . IMO . . .and I would doubt that having the caps the reverse of the t-shirts would affect the branding – it’s still black and white, the reversal lends interest . . .

  11. Hmmm, i think an effective design for the bottle is more important than being consistent with the bottle.

    The white cap doesn’t match the dark tone of the bottle; it looks out of place creating more visual confusion. just my 2 cents

  12. i voted white. to be fair, it’s hard to tell on bottles w/ two different labels because taken alone, the black w/ blue label does look better, but i voted for what i think will look better across the board. also, i agree w/ those that mentioned brand consistency and i also think the white cap is just eye-catching.

  13. I like the black. The white just looks… jarring, sort of out of place. The black is more of a smooth transition. If that makes sense.

  14. I?m not sure about the handling or volume of your operation, but have you seen how dirty a white cap can become? I would hate to see this give a false impression. Dirty cap, spoiled beverage? I do agree with the others, a black tie does look good on a white shirt, but this is only a cap and not a shirt. You guys have a cool logo already and nothing would take away from that. Besides, whit can look generic.

  15. I like black better, but they both look classy & worthy of drinking on a weeknight.

  16. I voted for white, simply because I think it gives the total package better definition. Also, Atlanta Brewing uses black caps if my memory serves me correct. White really makes that eye patch stand out, however black really makes the name/jacket stand out. But that’s just me. Either way I think they both look great. Why not just do black for drafty kilt and white for eye?

  17. White cap wins, for all the above reasons. It will stand out at the marketplace and is consistent with the guy on the bottle. White cap can work look at Sierra Nevada Bigfoot bottle.

  18. White, for sure. You need this to pop on the shelves. Black caps make it blend in.

  19. I say black, even though it is the reverse of the shirt. It matches the outline of the label and that is where I believe you will get the most consistent look as the brewery grows. Is the plan to eventually match the cap color to background color? Because that would look the best. I think that the white is too stark and takes away from the overall look you have worked so hard on. The white may “pop” more on the shelves, but they may also make people say “What blind man picked out this?

  20. I was in the beer store yesterday and saw a six pack with white caps. It really makes it stand out in a cooler filled with other sixers.

  21. Either one will make them stand out when placed in a cooler amongst other beers.

    Reminds me of when I used to bring Three Stooges Beer to a party. Larry, Moe and Curly bottle caps staring up at you from a sea of ice always resulted in cool points being awarded to the bringer of such a unique beverage.

  22. I know this is late…but I’m just reading through your blog for the first time. I think it looks best as shown…black on the Kilty and white on the IPA. I think the white works with the yellow and the black works with the blue/purple…

    Great blog btw.

  23. I’d say white, for the simple fact that nobody else seems to have white caps. I’m a collector, and black caps are everywhere, but white are hard to come by. Unless I buy something foreign like Heineken Light or Stella Artois, I’m stuck with another color. Black are just everywhere.

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