Blind Bat Brewery: a brewery similar to ours, in that it is not an actual brewery yet


Though not technically a brewery, Blind Bat seems to have quite the head start on MNB. I was reading The Daily Catch today and found an interesting post on Blind Bat, a Long Island upstart focusing on “artisanal ales.”

I have to admit, I have terrible associations with Long Island (rich, snotty girls with ugly accents). Nonetheless, it was exciting to read about another man’s journey to open a brewery. It was also exciting to see that he seems to be getting somewhere. Paul Dlugokencky started as a cartoonist/homebrewer. He designed the Blind Bat website and labels, formulates the recipes… he does it all.

I’m hoping I can talk him into shipping a few bottles down to Atlanta once he gets going. I’ll keep you posted.

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