Blind IPA taste test (and brewing tonight)


We’re getting very close to final recipes for our Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale and Eye Patch Ale (IPA). When I say “final” I mean “pre-production final,” as we’ll probably have to tweak a few things based on translating our batch size from gallons to barrels.

Saturday we ran a blind taste test of our IPA against some of our favorite production IPA’s: Dogfish Head 60, Sweetwater and Victory Hop Devil.


Results were both interesting and encouraging. All four IPA’s were very good, but also very distinct. Interesting how back-to-back tests can bring that out in beers. Our IPA is currently the lowest ABV in the bunch (though not significantly, at 5.5%). It’s also the darkest, which is fine with us. And it’s got some good, even taste and bitterness. Compared to the others, it’s a little sweeter and fruitier in the nose. There are hints of grapefruit flavors from the Simcoe hops, though it’s nowhere near as grapefruity as the Sweetwater. Our bias is probably to push these even further away from each other in terms of taste, as Georgia doesn’t need two similar IPA’s. The key now is to give it just a little something distinctive, which we hope to accomplish with a new TBD flavoring hop.

In other news, we’re brewing our unnamed Belgian wit tonight for the first time this year. Come on by around 8pm!

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  1. I certainly do not know the details of your recipe, but how about some Centennial Hops?

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