Boozing Baby


This weekend I discovered that teething babies really like our Swashchuckler. Ok, so it wasn’t multiple babies, it was actually just one Boozing Babybaby (my niece Noa Kate) and maybe she was actually more excited about the bottle than she was about the beer. Either way I was able to capture this sweet picture.

Her face says it all “Bitter yet Sweet”, “deviously pirate-like yet joyful as a clown”…yes, at the ripe young age of 6 months she understands what Monday Night Brewery is all about.

I think we should save this one for an ad campaign somewhere down the line.

4 thoughts on “Boozing Baby

  1. An old wive’s tale says that teething babies should have a little whiskey on their gums to take care of the pain. You should start a new one that MNB is the only remedy for little teethers :)

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