Brewery 2.0


The Brewery (Joel’s house) has been under some major renovations but we are pleased to announce that many projects have come to a close over the weekend. Included in the list of v2.0 upgrades are the following…

img_1756.JPGKitchen 2.0: Sports a new countertop, sink, stove, microwave, bottle sanitizer (otherwise known as a dishwasher). This facility will be used primarily for beer refrigeration, bottling, and priming sugar preparation (if Jonathan remembers to add it).

img_1758.JPG img_1759.JPGKegerator 2.0: We actually came out under-budget on our kitchen remodeling so I went out and bought a kegerator fridge this weekend (my wife is out of the country…and hopefully not reading this). I still have to add the taps on top of it but for the time being we at least have beer on tap up in the kitchen (instead of the basement) and it allows the basement cooler to be used for fermentation. I have the Roundhouse Pale Ale and Base Jumper Double IPA on tap for Monday. Do come by if you’d like to give them a swig.

img_1761.JPGGrain Mill 2.0: I disassembled our beloved grain mill this weekend and made some modifications that will hopefully help our slightly low extraction rates. Basically I cut a new plate that goes from the feeder into the mill…hopefully this will make sure no un-milled grain is able to slip through.

2dot0picsBrewShelf 2.0: Okay, so there wasn’t really a BrewShelf 1.0 (it was all over my basement floor) but with the new steel rack on casters we should be able to easily roll it up the driveway for brewing and then roll it back to the basement when we’re done. All supplies will be right at our fingertips!

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