Brewing canceled tonight


Sorry everyone, brewing is canceled tonight. I realize this is highly irregular, since we canceled 2 weeks ago. Rest assured, we have good reasons.

  1. We have a lot of beer carbonating, not a lot of beer ready to drink
  2. I am sick
  3. Joel is lame and can’t make it till later anyway

On the plus side, Jeff has said that a MNB cancellation would give him more time to work on some legal documents that we need to actually get off the ground. And you should know that I did NOT want to work on those documents. Go team Jeff!

2 thoughts on “Brewing canceled tonight

  1. Reason #2 is Jonathan being a pansy. Hop City opens today and he wants to hoard all of his purchases for himself. Nice guy huh?

  2. Glenn, your Reason #2 is irrelevant because I wrote the post. Yeah, I’m going to call MYSELF a pansy. Nice try, jackass.

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