Brewing is on, with or without a car


Yesterday in rural Georgia, this happened to my car:


And not even Joel, who was riding with me, was able to MacGyver a new fanbelt, so we had to get ‘er towed. Fortunately it should be fixed today, so brewing is on like a pot of neckbones. Tonight we will be brewing up another batch of our Belgian Wit, a true summer favorite.

We should also have a couple beers available for a light tasting. Come by Jeff’s house around 8pm to partake ? we’ll be closing up shop as soon as brewing is over this week as I have to spend some quality time with my newly-fixed automobile later in the evening.

Wait, what?

2 thoughts on “Brewing is on, with or without a car

  1. I guess is was not so rural as to not have cell service. Thank goodness for high-tech rednecks.

  2. Good thing you blurred out your license plate number…I was going to do something sketchy if you hadn’t

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