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We brewed a double IPA last night for the first time in over a year. We love double IPA’s but we decided to de-prioritize it as a style, with good reason. Brewing went smoothly. The weather was incredible. We had an extra hour of sunlight. And after all was said and done, we got a chance to try some beers from Maui Brewing Co. We interviewed Garrett from Maui a while back and have been hankering to try his brews ever since.


Frequent blog commenter and Monday Night attendee “John A” brought back a 6-pack of Maui beers from his honeymoon in Hawaii, where he actually visited the brewery. John, we love you for that. Last night we tried three Maui beers: Bikini Blonde Lager, Big Swell IPA and Coconut Porter. All three were delicious.

We aren’t huge lager fans, though we appreciate the usefulness of a lager on a hot day at the beach. But the Bikini Blonde actually had a nice malty backbone to it.

The Big Swell IPA was nice and hoppy. I can see it going very well with spicy foods (or spicy men, like Joel in the above picture).


And the Coconut Porter. Delightful. Most of the coconut was in the nose ? the beer tasted very rich and chocolatey, which was a great combo. I’ll be the first to tell you that I hate coconut, but there is a very big difference between fresh coconut and those shaved dandruff flakes you buy in the store. Fresh coconut wins.

Kudos to Garrett and Maui Brewing, you guys are doing it right over there!

6 thoughts on “Brewing recap: Hawaiian edition

  1. “Not huge lager fans”? You are beer brewers! Saying you aren’t huge lager fans is like saying you live in Brazil, but will only watch soccer if someone ties you to a seat and tapes your eyes open.

  2. I think it’s more like being a fan of chocolate and saying you can’t stand M&M’s or Hershey’s. Like it or hate it, the “global palate” clearly appreciates lagers more than ales, just as the masses choose milk chocoate Hershey bars over Lindt Extra Dark Semi-sweet chocolate(craft chocolate). Personally, I am easy to please….I like all of the above.

  3. I got a few men and women togather for a brew club so I could learn to brew. That was 10 months ago. We now have 97 members. payson is a little town up in the mountains N.E. 100 miles from Phoenix. Population 14,000 + .

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