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Brewing recap: “We know girls” edition



Despite a rocky start to the day, last night’s brewing turned out quite well. We brewed a batch of our Eye Patch Ale with a few minor tweaks to give it a little more hop character (mostly bittering and flavor). There was a good crowd, including quite a few females. Let’s be honest, there have been Mondays in the recent past with a decidedly male slant.

Part of that is to be expected. Southern craft beer purchasers are overwhelmingly male in demographics (about 71% according to the latest data we’ve seen), but that doesn’t mean that craft beer is only for men. So ladies, keep it up. Keep drinking good beer, and keep brewing with us on Monday nights.

In other news, our experimental double IPA is shaping into a very nice beer. It’s been 5 weeks since we brewed it and we want to give it another week or two to mellow out before serving, but it is already delicious.


We are also getting a sense for our Belgian-style wit beer again, now that the weather is turning. This used to be a big draw for summer crowds, as some of you may remember. We tasted the two-week-old version last night and it reminded us of… a Belgian wit. Which is fine in some respects, but it’s not as distinctive as either the Eye Patch Ale or the Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. So what has changed? Nothing. It’s the same recipe, but I think our other beers have progressed while we shelved this beer temporarily. It’s a Belgian wit, but it’s not our Belgian wit. Yet. Our launch beers are still the obvious priority for us, but we want to spend some time tweaking this beer over the summer if possible.

4 thoughts on “Brewing recap: “We know girls” edition

  1. Jonathan,

    Let’s be honest; all you really need to do is post more pictures of yourself in tight t-shirts if you want the females to keep coming…

  2. I left my box with tobacco and pipes on the fridge….oh well, I guess I’ll have to come back next week….

  3. Holz, the Double IPA is about 7.5% ABV and IBU’s are about 65 – a bit low on the IBU front, but it really brings the floral flavors to the forefront.

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