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Brewing withdrawal


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think I’m going through brewing withdrawal. This does not bode well for the rest of the week. I’ve got to say, these so-called “holidays” are really cramping my style. I think I’ve come to embrace brewing on Mondays as a sort of therapy. A way to reconnect with everyone and create something good. It’s days like this that I realize how much I love brewing beer.

My name is Jonathan and I’m a junkie.

5 thoughts on “Brewing withdrawal

  1. I hear ya. My experience is a bit different though. I don’t have a crowd of people showing up weekly. Although I do like the idea. Instead I brew alone.

    I brew alone.
    With nobody else.
    Whenever I brew alone I prefer to be by myself.

  2. Yea since I made my additions to my mash tun I have been waking up with the sweats! I need to brew. The twisted part is that I am not going to be able to until the 16th at the earliest!!!

    Adam, I feel your pain, I too brew alone, with nobody else. Good news is though I might have a brewing newbie starting with me. We will see though, I’ve been hurt before.


  3. Oh…uh…I didn’t mean to sound too lonely. I just got carried away with the George Thorogood song.

    I get company about ever other brew. I have a new guy coming for the next one.

    I have friends…really. ;-)

  4. One sure fire cure for brewing withdrawl is drinking a good quality homebrew. Everything is better with a homebrew in hand!

    I am about to move and all brewing has been put on hold. Hard to move full carboys and I am sitting on about 10 gallons of kegged product. Anyone need a growler fill? :)

  5. Tell me about it… When I was living back there in Georgia, my brewery was in my garage, and any time my neighbor and I would brew, he had to cross our backyards.

    Now in California, the brewery is at my brother-in-law’s place because he has more room, and he’s a social butterfly who seems to *always* be busy. We’re going to probably start the after-work brewing just so we can actually find time to brew at all.

    But that’s okay, I’m looking at setting up a 1-2 gallon brewing system in my apartment, so I can both brew more often and have more ability to experiment with recipes than on our 5 or 10 gallon systems.

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