Brewmaster Blunders


On Monday we brewed our second annual Laissez-Faire Barleywine, which should be ready for consumption in December. What we didn’t plan on was my recklessness with not one, but two yeast starters. I mixed up a starter of California Ale yeast on Saturday afternoon, and when I went to check on it Sunday morning, the airlock and stopper had popped out. Not good – I tossed it. Sunday afternoon I mixed another, and found it Monday evening on its side. The stopper and airlock were still in place and the bulk of the yeast still there, but there was definitely room for air to get in. By that point the boil was almost done, so we went ahead and pitched, throwing in an extra vial of yeast for good measure. We’ll see what kind of result we get.


That said, we had a good night overall with a nice turnout, including my dad, who drove down from Asheville for the evening to check out operations.

One thought on “Brewmaster Blunders

  1. I would have kept the first one, unless it’s in a spot where a dog might breath on it or something. Chances are it was popping out enough CO2 to keep it in good shape.

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